Total Practice Management. For Primary Care, Specialists, Urgent care, Physician's Assistants, Nurse Practitioners

  • Patient Check-in
  • Flexible charting
  • Electronic Prescribing
  • Secure Messaging
  • Integrated Patient Portal
  • Billing Software Included


Available Independently to practices & billing companies. Designed by billers to be simple and flexibile.

  • Charge capture
  • Seamless claim generation
  • EDI flexibility
  • Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA)
  • Revenue cycle management
  • Multi-Client Dashboard



We are ONC certified to multiple criteria. Let us help you capture MIPs requirements.

Web Based

All-in-one software accessible directly from your web browser. Always backed-up. No downloads necessary.


Designed by an actively practicing physician. Reducing clicks in workflow and preventing burnout.


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A track record you can trust - 20 years of trusted care!

Medical Office Online was designed and developed by practicing physicians and has been providing affordable, secure, web-based medical records since 1998.

Designed with you in mind.

Medical Office Online is designed with work flow in mind, development & testing by physicians, nursing, billers, and medical office personnel to reduce clicks and prevent burnout. Updates are always included.

Our mission goes beyond the office into the communities you servce.

Medical Office Online gladly offers special rates to charity care and no cost community health clinics. Contact us at 866-995-9889 to see if your practice qualifies for discounted rates.

Total Practice Management

Easy to set-up. Easy to learn. Easy to use.

Medical Office Online integrates medical scheduling, electronic medical records, and medical billing software into one integrated product. There are no upgrade fees, no customer service costs, and no hidden costs.

We have solutions to meet your needs! Whether you want to switch to our complete, all-inclusive EHR or only need billing software for your current EHR. We also have solutions for billing companies!


What some customers are saying
  • I see more patients, get out of the office quicker, and can easily communicate with my referring physicians. Everything is easier and more efficient.
    Dr. Bailey, long-time MOO provider


Medical Office Online tracks the entire patient visit. Our EHR includes scheduling, clinical records, reports, e-prescribing, and medical billing. 866-995-9889

We call it Total Practice Management.


  • Chronic Care Solutions time tracking & care plans
  • Lab Interfaces receive results and send orders with multiple vendors
  • CCDA functionality to securely transfer clinical care summaries
  • Secure Messaging integrated messaging with patients & providers
  • Customizable Templates Personalize your physical exam templates & auto-fills

Medical Office Online includes a full scheduling suite for each providers. There is also a consolidated calendar for multi-provider offices. 866-995-9889

Medical Office Online's calendar system lets you work with multiple calendars at once.


  • Appointment Reminders Send patients a text (SMS), email, or automated phone call reminder
  • Patient Access Choose to make your schedule available for patients to set appointments online
  • Easy Scheduler Schedule existing patients simply by typing their name and selecting a time.
  • Event Scheduler Add special events to your calendar
  • Memos/Phone Calls Track and store details of patient calls and notes

Medical Office Online tracks the entire patient visit. Our EHR includes scheduling, clinical records, reports, e-prescribing, and medical billing. 866-995-9889

Full Electronic Prescribing. We call it eScribe. 

Keep a complete list of the medications you regularly prescribe and simply drop them into the patient's chart. You can print them and hand them to the patient or send them directly to the pharmacy from the system.

  • Full connectivity to pharmacies for prescriptions and refills
  • Drug-to-drug & drug-to-allergy interactions and alerts built in
  • Eligibility checking in real time
  • EPCS (electronic prescribing controlled substance)

Medical Office Online includes a complete medical billing suite. We have solutions for billing companies and practices that need separate systems. 866-995-9889

Available to Practices and Billing companies. Use with your current EMR! 

Fully integrated medical billing & end to end revenue cycle management. We built in visit charge capture, so the claim is ready to be filed straight from the exam room when utilized.

  • Rapid Charge Entry Quickly create visits with ease
  • ERA Tools Upload ERA files and auto-post payments
  • Dashboard View for easy claim tracking - Manage your AR all in one place
  • Custom Reports Editable customized practice reports

Medical Office Online offers a referral program! We have solutions for a provider you know and will pay you for bringing them to the MOO system. 866-995-9889

When you tell others about us, you earn. 

For every provider you refer!

Be a part of the community and earn monthly revenue on providers that sign up for Medical Office Online because of your referral. Once they are active customer's for 30 days our new referral program gives 15% credit towards your bill for the first 12 months. On any new customer!

  • 15% referral credit Earn back for telling people about us
  • Interested in Reselling? Contact us for more information

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