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E.T. Marshall, M.D.

I love that I can check labs and consults at night while watching my favorite HGTV show after having a long Saturday with my son playing, redecorating his room and having a playday and dinner with friends. This program gives me the flexibility to work when I want, and play when I want. The online ability is great. I love this program!
-E.T. Marshall, M.D.

D. Fehr

Associated Physician Practice Services, LLCwww.appsservices.comWe Recommend Only One Software ProductMedicalOfficeOnline.com
“This software is beyond words, and my remarks are based upon 23 years of experience working in the trenches of medical coding, billing, auditing and education. I have worked with products like Unix, PCN, Lytec, Medisoft, Medisys, Medical Manager, through office or dial-up access with PC Anywhere or Lap-Link Gold. This new software product Medical Office Online allows medical providers to better contain their internal expenses related to software, hardware and cabling. IT IS RESONABLY PRICED TO FIT ANY PRACTICE BUDGET.”
“How can APPS offer providers High Demand Professional services at reduced rates? It is all about SOFTWARE. We are only interested in provider business that can be positive for the provider as well as APPS. Therefore, WE exclusively recommend the new ASP Internet Direct software you can find at: medicalofficeonline.com. This software is state-of-the-art, pure ASP, high-speed Internet access and Internet based, meeting all HIPAA privacy and security requirements. This software has been created by a physician with the continuing input from actual medical billers, coders and auditors.”
“This software is being audited daily for possible upgrade, with no additional expense to contracted providers for the upgrade process. This software is also a monthly lease based software per provider, allowing providers to contain their technology expenses within their office settings. Do not purchase another software, upgrade or re-cable another office, GO INTERNET DIRECT TODAY and SAVE your revenue!”
-D Fehr, CPC/CMC-President/CEO

I. Franze, M.D.

Medical Office Online has greatly streamlined our billing process. It has also given me the ability to access my practices data at any time and from anywhere in the world...
Medical Office Online has greatly streamlined our billing process. It has also given me the ability to access my practices data at any time and from anywhere in the world. I recently spent some time in Europe and was able to keep track of what was going on at the office without having to make high price phone calls at odd times to speak with my staff. The patient information I need is always just a mouse click away!

David J. Bailey, MD

Since implementing MOO, I have operated my office with 2 less staff, saving about $60,000 per year. Not bad for $3,800 per year cost for EMR. Not to mention very little start up costs. I also see more patients, get out of the office quicker, and can easily communicate with my referring physicians. Everything is easier and more efficient. I would have been a complete fool not to have made the switch to MOO EMR.
-David J. Bailey, MDOtolaryngologist

Ronald Corwin, FNP

I have been using Medical Office Online for 11 months. The pages are easily customizable for my uses. The customer support is second to none. The site keeps getting better and better, with many of the improvements suggested by users. I will never use another EMR system.