Info for Patients

Medical Office Online Defined

Medical Office Online (MOO) is a private and secure software application that runs over the Internet that your doctor can use to create your electronic medical record, medical reports, and medical letters. Using the MOO system your doctor can also process their accounts receivable, and file electronic claims.

Patient Access to Electronic Medical Records

If your doctor uses MOO, you can privately and securely access your electronic medical record(EMR) over the Internet using your own computer.

Features for Patients

From your home computer your will be able to:

  1. Check your medication list.
  2. Verify an existing appointment or request a time for your next appointment.
  3. Check to see when an insurance claim for you was filed and it's status.
  4. Send your Provider or their office staff a secure message.
  5. View test results.

Empowering Patients

This service will empower you, the patient, with Knowledge and Communication Access.

By using the Medical Office Online service you will be able to learn which tests your doctor ordered, the results of those tests, the diagnosis your doctor made, and the treatment that he/she recommended.

Medical Office Online is the starting point for seeking more information about your medical condition, either through Internet researching or online second opinions.