Reporting Functions

Standard Reports

Medical Office Online comes with a set of reports that have been designed by medical and accounting professionals to help you optomize your practice's income and standard of care.

These reports include:

  • Collection Analysis
  • Productivity Analysis
  • Payer Analysis
  • CPT Analysis
  • Provider Analysis

Customizable Reports

Medical Office Online also has full customizable reporting, allowing you to use and modify the supplied reports or create your own.

Interactive Reports

Instead of printing a report and then having to go back to delve deaper, Medical Office Online's reports allow you to click links to get more details.

Clinical and Accounting Reports

With Medical Office Online you are able to do real time analysis on both clinical and accounting trends in your office.

This being said, it is important to note that Medical Office Online is not a "scan solution". Over 90% of the data entered into Medical Office Online is entered as usable data.

Check out the Test Drive to take a look at the reporting functions.

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