Prescribing Overview

Medical Office Online allows you to prescribe with ease at the time of the patient's visit. It allows your to keep a complete list of the medications that you regularly prescribe and simply drop them in to the patient's chart. In addition, Medical Office Online includes full E-Prescribing functionality including electronic connectivity to pharmacies for prescriptions and refills, drug-to-drug interaction checking, drug-to-allergy interaction checking, eligibility checking and more.

Prescribing is best done as part of the patient encounter. This is because it allows you to review the patients entire medical history while you choose the appropriate medication for them.

Medical Office Online also allows you to keep an accurate med list as part of their complete EMR.

You can use our E-Prescibing feature to electronically send the prescription directly to the pharmacy. If you prefer, you can also print the prescription and hand it directly to the patient or fax the prescription to the pharmacy directly out of the system.


Medical Office Online allows you to refill meds at the time of the patient's visit. It also has a full refill request tracking system so that you can process refill requests made electronically from a pharmacy or over the phone with ease.

Check out the Test Drive to try out the online prescribing portion of the system.

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