Patient Data

Patient data is stored in one place in the system and is used for everything from billing to prescription writing.

The clinical tab of the home page The demographics tab of the patient form The insurance tab of the patient form Digitally signed HIPAA consent form

Medical Scheduler

There is a patient scheduler and an event scheduler. Each provider gets a calendar for patient appointments and a personal calendar. There is also a consolidated calendar showing all appointments for all providers.

The patient scheduler The consolidated calendar (shown in 1 day expanded mode) The event scheduler A providers visit calendar(shown in condensed month mode)

Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

The electronic medical record is easily filled out in the room using preset autofills, and drop-down lists.

You can type or use autofills to fill out the visit note, CCHPI and ROS sections of the visit. Create custom templates and autofills for the PE section. Easily and instantly create typed scripts to give to the patient or fax to the pharmacy. Charge capture is built into the EMR. Choose your ICD-9 codes from customizable drop-down lists. Choose the CPT codes Order tests. Tests ordered are put on a virtual stack to be sent out by the front office staff. At the end of the visit automatically generate an already completed form letter from customizable templates.

Clinical Summary

The Clinical Summary shows the entire clinical history of the patient as known in the office on a single page. Links allow more detailed pages to be easily accessed.

The top shows the patient's face sheet. The second shows the med list, all interactions, and all tests. The bottom shows when the patient will be in next.

Medical Billing / AR

Medical billing and patient accounts receivable functions are built right in and fused with the clinical parts of the system. Each visit document has two views one for the provider and another for the biller. Each view only shows the relevant parts for the users task though the data is stored in the same place.

The accounts receivable tab The top of the billing view of a patient visit The middle of the billing view of a patient visit The middle of the billing view of a patient visit

Claim Filing / Billing

Medical Office Online allows you to file electronic claims through the EDI of your choice or print your claims to any printer and send them by mail. Patient bills with full charge and payment summaries are easily created and printed.

The interface for batch claim generation. A HCFA form ready to be printed A UB-92 form ready to be printed. A print image HCFA ready to be filed electronically A patient bill ready to be printed

Remittance & Payment Entry

When an EOB comes in you enter a remittance and then allocate the remittance to individual visits by creating payments. After you have put in your remittances you can print a deposit slip to take to the bank along with your checks.

Entering remittances. Entering a payment


Fully customizable financial and clinical reporting.

Unpaid claims report by payer and patient. Monthly Income report by day