Feature List

Patient Data

Why try to manage copies of your patients information in ten different systems? With Medical Office Online there is only one entry for demographic and insurance information.

Scan Insurance Cards and Photo IDs

No more copying insurance cards. Medical Office Online allows you to scan and "attach" your patients’ insurance cards and photo id.

Patient Permits

With Medical Office Online you can create and store patient permits, such as insurance authorization permits using our digital signature device.

Calendar and Scheduling

Medical Office Online's calendar system lets you work with multiple calendars at once. It allows you to schedule an existing patient by doing nothing more than typing in their name and selecting an open time.

Patient Tracking

Medical Office Online tracks the entire patient visit process. Track the patients’ status as they make the appointment, get reminded, enter the waiting room, enter the examining room and finally leave the office. No charts, no sign in sheets, no confusion.

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) with automatic CPT and ICD9 charge capture

Our EMR is actually an OMR (online medical record) giving you the power to securely access your patients full record from anywhere. It furthermore has charge capture built in so with proper use the claim is ready to be filed straight from the examining room.

E&M Coding

As you complete the medical record, the E&M counts are quietly being tallied in the background. You can enter in custom requirements and the system will check to ensure that you have met them.


Keep a complete list of the medications that you regularly prescribe and simply drop them in to the patient's chart. You can then either print them and hand them to the patient or fax them to the pharmacy directly out of the system.

In addition, Medical Office Online includes full E-Prescribing functionality including electronic connectivity to pharmacies for prescriptions and refills, drug-to-drug interaction checking, drug-to-allergy interaction checking, eligibility checking and more.


Do you have scans or other data that you want to keep with your records? With Medical Office Online you can attach any type of document that you like to the patients demographic record, medical record or billing record.


Medical Office Online allows you to finish your letters faster than you ever thought possible. From the patient's chart, simply select a letter template and a patient or provider specific letter will open in MS Word. From there you can make any modifications and print. You can also print envelopes instantly from the OMR.

Memos and Refill Requests

Get rid of the clutter and confusion. Medical Office Online allows you and your staff to process Memos and Refill requests in a simple and organized manor.

Reporting Functions

Medical Office Online has full customizable reporting, allowing you to use and modify the supplied reports or create your own.

Charge Capture (alternative to EMR charge capture)

Essentially an obsolete function while using the Medical Office Online system. Charge capture is available to enter charges manually after the visit has occurred. It can also be used to enter hospital visits.

Patient Accounts Receivable

Medical Office Online has a full accounts receivable package built right in. In fact you can file a claim within seconds of completing the visit.

Electronic Claims Filing

With the Medical Office Online System you can print HCFAs or send them off electronically to the EDI company of your choice.

Patient Billing

Print patient bills straight out of the system to your laser printer. Bills include a full detailed summary of the charges in a clear impressive format. Simply print, fold and insert the bills into a standard sized preprinted view envelope.


A single Medical Office Online practice allows up to 12 providers working out of an unlimited number of office and hospital locations.

More functions added regularly

Medical Office Online receives requests for additional functionality regularly and we are happy to put your suggestions to use.